Deal With My Demons

​I sweat myself to sleep wet till the morning

Change T-shirt overnight as if am mourning

Wake up with a hangover from Hell such spell

My body boiling like larva volcano is my whirl

Feel like my ivory is voltron with gold thats swag

But my memory is all grown a corporate man

I am addict I know but tablets are for ached head

So they mimic my flow face down like caved bats

And now my skeleton wanna fill themselves with flesh

They argue about the closet saying wanna be fresh

My dreams are dangerous as they walk with the dead

Root me like Jamaican locks costume me judge dredd

Escape through the red sea and walk a mile to Jerusalem

Reserve the best seat a landlord and put the roof on them

My shadows are tattoos of my life my daily demons

And my past is a mount Goliath beating his chest king kong

Pledge allegiance to liquor a mission to be black out

Wake up for a rumble but techinally get knocked out

My visions are of a blind man cannot be underestimated

And I reason with word play so I can not be reiterated

Slamz don’t mask his face on the hit a thorough breed goon

Walks with set of footprints the headliner of the greed hood

Happiness is virtue but I stay amongst a secret society

Mostly hides behind the Book of knowledge such is reality


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