When a Man Cry

​As he knocks off he get flowers from the florist

Take them home for the love to be nourished

Embrace what he has until the sun eclipse

Homework done humor about the daily activities

A bubble bath to prepare the kids night sleep

Prayer recited before eaten the supper dish

A family man stand by his family it’s an accomplish

Through worse and good times together they stick

And through God and faith they reach their dreams

For years these routine has been done no hustle

Then a beard man with a suit comes with his snake tongue

Confusing to the feminine becomes a struggle and rough

He sees the situation but unfortunately it’s not his last words

He opt for more overtime just to put food on his offspring’s

But the scorn still on his back there’s no chill

Her wife spend time out clubbing more often 

The result of a man of the nation with a swag the sadness

She tasted what the other women longs for have

And it’s hard to look at her men’s eyes and behave

She thinks he will think she is lying if she blink

He mumbles move away from me and the kids you stink

A high school lover they were such a bondage

Now things are falling apart marriage is useless

I should have cheated with Rose when she insisted

Went out to Macufe with Mpho and get wasted

He is living in a blame not caused by him

What a shame life was given to us as a sin

His peers are now laughing and talking on his back

He can’t take that pressure he’s sulking so badly

So many thoughts fighting for a priority place

Panado and etc. can’t relieve his headache pain

He is forever lost in memory and transit

What kills is the weekend perjury and babysit

So many notes written and published in a dustbin

How he feels lonely and death is the only escape

He feels like a mannequin or a fake model on the magazine page

Pays attention to his kids and thinks how will life be without them

Then a tear rains run in his cheek bone and he let it drop

He takes an oath will take care of my kids until my heart stops


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