EkaF SdneirF

Man, seen it happen
Ruined cats talent dragged it down like dirty napkin
Am sadden
Cause in the beginning we were so closer than distant cousin
Love so stronger than newlywed couple
Sickening me deep in my stomach
That you cowardly snitched a cheap deal, as it reveal
Fake contract that won’t even put food on your table still
Soul sold out and the outcome is unreal
Suffer from your self-made ordeal
Yes soldier, I tell it like war stories
Document it properly and engrave it in your memory
Blood has shed we no more family
Rebuilt the Berlin wall like Germany
For your info tsotsi; dead man walking to our territory
Fake friend who shows fake love
A puppet that needs a public hang pole
Damn these fake notes,
Damn these fake clothes,
Damn these fake quotes,
But been real is what I promote…


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