I hope you proud

Thy friends
Thy scrubs your title to overcome their errands
I am packed with names calling
But i rather full my thoughts with my way of living
I dont have energy for these spits
Whats with these deal

Thy friend Thy brother
Thy jot all these traps for me gunning for my downfall i gather
Yes I broke these bread with you
I didnt say be a paparazzi and sell it for your own gain dude
Am smiling that it actually came out
Am just wondering if you understand what am all bout

I have so much particles in these atom
Grow up stop catching feeling like women dumb dumb jys dom
I could see you standing while they grinning
I could hear their laughs appreciating your unfactfull reciting
Yes you made that damage
But YO…do they know your life story NOOOOO you coated it with mine so you can flip that page

Life is not easy to be understood or to be found
Take it as a step; a go and these advice take it and understand as its profound
It makes sense now how much you dislike me
I didnt wanna believe it as the one who left did say now i get it; be real with me
Stop prentending
Just come clean and we will all get your point of view without procastinating

I hope you proud
Smearing my name to these streets makes you a bigger man; be proud


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