The Call

i hate these life
my life i despise
despite my good health i still deslike
i feel like theres nothing to live for in these time
i try so hard but evilness is taking me on ride

my sleepless night
makes sense now do wrongs from all the rights
my blood clots, heart beat stops and that feel right
let me be, if thats for the best let me die

i have so much to loose alright
but sometimes it feels i have less so i dont mind
if its my time let it be my time
i doubt its a crime to carry on thoughts of suicide

me you shouldnt mind
these waves are heavy on my shoulder i must overcome these tide
dont believe the hype but believe while you still have time
i am at the cross road now guess whats up is my time

i think i am loosing my mind
hear voices reciting horror stories all the time
these weight cant bare no more i am done
my loneliness bring back fierce energy similar to my prime

picture these black bags underneath my eyes
i dont cry no more i let water run down my cheeks bones until dry
pour is my soul, the temple is frankestein
i hope its understood, death is callin me all time


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