Chronicle 1 Ep 1 – Confession

My time is limited
Industry is changing
My well being needs to be conditioned
A sniper for that hit am aiming
Industry inducted
Fresher’s can’t get always gossiping
With honeydew infected
Planes on ORT like bees on me landing
Much Pun intended
Board with on these journey while sharks droll on am skating
To these hip hop am engaged
But these body has a different soul in it living



My ways are too scarce like falling leaves in summer
I spring my ideas for a new me
Responsibilities tackled them like quarterbacks
Am no rookie to these rather draft me
A chance I don’t need
An understatement
Allow me like no other to repent
A man of the cloth
A man full of thoughts
Steel toe carries me like big foot
A burden I carry like hunchback
The last of the knights
The last to taste that bite
Such are crumbles
Serves ants that hunts in numbers


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