Tribute (RIP)

I constantly pour liquor to the ground
Write a verse and blaze the sound
No worries,
I still got your play lists and saved some of your favorite songs
Never lie
I miss you guys – In Peace Y’all Rest
You met in physical but now through me you heavenly friends
Take care of each other until our judgment day
Please path a route for your families and mine
Put a good word for us as we still in life
I cannot explain your absence
It feels like trapped by uncontrollable substance
They say you never knew what you had until its gone
But I know we had knowledge, plans for us but now I only mourn
Now you gone and I am here, I’m left alone
Its me against the world with the same artistic dome
I got nuttin left except my rhymes, thoughts, family and memories to keep
And these cold industry is not returning love as it should be
Truth be told, these one would be a souvenir to my sons, the great honorary
Brothers from different mothers
I mentioned to them that they lost guardian angels
There ones I broke bread with no matter the angles
Our thoughts to each other were deep
With enemies we rode,
Through winter we shared the same cold
I wish we could grow old
And together shave our heads to stay bald.
I miss you my friends.


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