Through thick and thin

Its funny how these phrase is perceived better yet translated, well I believe those who repeat it after the priest some of them understand it and it stick on them like a tattoo as a remembrance whereas some just want to get over with the ceremony and go down their bondage as if its a burden that they will carry for years. Unfortunately you are the carrier of your own deeds and master of your sorrow. The choice you made its considered not as an option but as a commitment so deviate from crying over spilled beer (you shared your sip with your ancestors) and get along on these queue and be patient.

I respect those who live proof of the choices they made. I remember my bachelor days – their memories are still leaving at the tip of my tongue – Priceless moments; that game had to end. My 90 minutes on the all win strike, hat tricks, red cards, injuries and scouting had to end. Hang the boots, bow out while you can.

The past builds the present and the Present is a gift that was honored by God in the past, Cherish it. Its a history that we learn from it…hence every error has its origin, the core. It all depends on the individual, let’s your past built you and leave it behind or carry that with you so it assist in mending few obstacles or rather have a clean sheet start over, a new born, with an empty knowledge of what the world has for us, with the wet brain full of eagerness to learn, win, get hurt, loose some.. In a nutshell redo your second history, second damage to your inner being, conflict that will give you that burning sensation like you getting pinched over and over by a splinter.

Honestly I rather restructure my past, mold my present for a clear understanding on how to be me. A hint: if you can’t control the relationship between Past and Present, real talk you are lost. These boils to your relationship with anyone, the job spec you describe to do, the responsibilities you have as a woman and a man, the mandate the You must live with, the rules we live by, The verses that The Almighty jotted down to assist us for heavenly living.

Then I say it again Through Thick and Thin. These phrase carries a huge responsibility. And if you agree not to disagree, from the day you said it until now, introspect and retrospect, see if you have committed yourself on its deliverables but how many of us have been meeting theirs. Don’t get my words twisted…this is general topic.

So many scenarios and experiences can be recalled here. How many of us still consider their best friends best?; how many of us still have a brother’s keeper? How many of the married couples strive for a better life amongst them? How many of us are still having set goals and dreams for their future. I would like to put it in ratios but am have difficulties of getting the numeric correct.

Hmm… A quick one: how many of us that their Past characterize them to the Present, for instance, at a young age you were a bully; now you 30/40 odds years are you still one? Did the bullying helped you pave your path until now? I know of one unfortunately his bullying activities helped him to be were he is as he encountered bullying in a different strike : he got bullied back, a wake up call to show him that bullying is a fearsome activity that can scare an individual for unlimited years. (Giggles) its not nice to taste your own medicine. That lesson I learned through him.

I must give it up to him, he is a professional teacher/motivational speaker, a family man blessed with 3 kids and a beautiful wife – Through thick and thin he keeps it real in all aspects. Big Up!!!

Through thick and thin, any challenge that comes your way must meet an equal opponent to tackle it. If you weak, truth be noted, you going to fall on that wagon and if it was strolling down the hill unfortunately catching it won’t be easy.

To be continued…


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