The Path we walk defies how we talk








I took baby steps like a toddler
So mare I don’t look sideways, I never bother
A daily routine, walk on the straight road line like traffic officer are checking if am sober
My memory captures all my adventures,
Camera, flash, capture, and add to your venture
So like hitchhikers,
I super cross through the years like crazy xgames bikers
Upbringing phase was like contour lines
Economic graph fluctuations displaying the hard ship of life
Who am I to judge?
I am forever wrong,
To many illiterate arguments I close my ears and don’t debate
I just believe in staying strong
So long, is what we tell those who passed on
Till we meet again, we promise ourselves as if they’ll reborn,
So torn, my past is clear that I can quantum leap unto
My path is full of historical moments call me Bantu
With my shyness shackled in my eyes I roll the dices,
And I try to understand the meaning of their outcomes
I give pound and stamp it, fist in the air like black movements,
I give high five to my seeds on their performance and embrace their accolades,
Like a slave I survive the jungle and bring the message to king and queens
What we are approaching its war with in
Of which will tackle our future like quarterbacks, mark my words and believe


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