An Idling Thought

I am on it
Like plumber to your dish washing cabinet
Index finger aiming for target
A film full of document
Coins inside pockets
A case without evidence
I am the missing docket
A jobless war head
A confused mind state of a convict release after 15 years
A stolen title deed
An incorrectly patterned beat
A plan went wrong, now the smokes show the heat
Prior to these years I am ecstasy
My upbringing created these maniac not society
Many passes by, so much liability
What is real? Real is Reality
War equals Change
Peace show continuation
With the above said I turn to differ
I bring myself to an argument of contradictions
I stare at the wall and passionately smile when I capture my reflection from it
Unlike the image in mirror that troubles your thought from the past
Which you don’t want to be part of it
But my wall quantum leaps me
Gives me hopes that out there’s something for me
I am that powder colour to the mist
I am the second lip to complete a kiss
I try to be the present to today,
A smiling grief to a dead man’s family
But I am just a black hole waiting to be embrace by one’s soul


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