Undoubted Reasons


Title: Undoubted Reason
Artist: Slamz Da Goon
Prod: Slamz Da Goon


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Gate bell button I pressed to ring,
So short like an instant message ringtones,
She approached with a frown
One question asked what do you want…with a commanding tone
Peace I said, now can I get into the house and settle in
Grab a chair lets converse like relatives
One or two words uttered, truce shattered,
A peaceful mind disappeared, evil emerged
Telephonic chats to and fro with her lawyer
Seems like am no longer welcomed declared a stranger
She perceives me as nobody, a nomad
Well I’m somebody’s father and am not mad
My reasons for this visit was to have a diplomatic meeting,
Clearly am getting pushed like a toddler who lost his mittens
A grown man like me, voices whispered in my ear
Kill her and do it now she in fear
As what we have here is disrespectful and it’s all written in her face

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