TRUST BY Sandile Mzizi







Many relationships have been broken, friends turned into enemies, lives have been ruined, great leaders have descended from eminence….and all these is due to lack of loyalty. It’s really difficult to find people who are trustworthy these days, particularly when we base our focus on today’s generation.

Loyalty has become a mystery, while on the other hand unfaithfulness has become a formality. In some instances, we often blame “temptation” for our faults, but truly speaking, I don’t buy that crap. Speaking from the relationship’s point of view, long distance relationships to be precise, I often hear people saying, “the reason I cheated on my BF/GF is because I got bored and I don’t know what mischief does he/she get up to wherever he/she is in my absence”…My question is, “If you can’t trust your partner, Why the hell are you still in that relationship?”. Sometimes we tend to cover up our dirt with unreasonable facts.

 The fact that you’re apart from each other doesn’t necessarily mean that person will respond temptations and fall into the loins of whoever he comes across, NOOOO! One other thing, I believe that it’s quite difficult for a person to trust someone if yena a etseba hore ha atshepahale (they don’t trust themselves) because in your mind, you are under the impression that all mankind can’t be trusted (which is bullsh*t). Just because some jerk once hurt you, doesn’t automatically declare me as jerk too.

As far as I know, it is said that everyone is unique (meaning we possess different characteristics),whoever still believe that all men are the same should consult one’s lexicon.

As much as there are lot of people who seem to be allergic to loyalty, we can’t take away the fact that there are people who are totally opposite, that I can attest to.


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