What do you consider from what you call a friend? Best friend? Average friend? Is it someone to be there for you to lean on their shoulder when you in need, someone who is waiting for your downfall, someone you can call your brother or sister, someone you have never met in your whole life and they just made a difference in your life or otherwise?

Well I’m writing these out of anger, out of happiness and out of confusion. Can I tell a story or can I just carry on blushing and mashing out what my emotions are saying? Seems like these article is gonna have a lot questions around it…but am going to make sure that doesn’t happens.

Here is the real deal. A group of friends, struggling, and sports wise combination is unexplained, RIP to the ones who left us at least you not here to witness the disgrace we are facing…alcohols a term the loxinon gave to many but it staying with us. Future wise we stemmed the concrete and it’s what kills us. I hate what I have become but I appreciate that I have turned to be a responsible and better person to many.

No need to go down my personal level…back to the friend’s biz. Who are we without and who are we with? Do we really have to have them in our lives? There’s a saying that goes like “your enemy is your best friend” is that true..? I believe that people we love a lot are the ones who turn to hate us especially what we have become and turned too.

 I so love to make examples…but if you reading these and putting yourself into this picture am trying to paint to you; you will fit in. Hey: a friend is a cool being to have…your secrets, your family history etc. Your biography into the hands of the second person who is not even your blood brother/sister… that’s how we enforce trust unto FRIENDS.

 Quote: A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely. – Pam Brown

These are just my random thoughts…we all have and keep them in that small box. Unfortunately mine is full hence and putting them to the world. These was not directed to anyone…

well am not ashamed of what I just wrote… there’s more to come. One Love!!!


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