Social Networks (clean redundancy response)

social networks
social networks

IamSlamz my man, I do find your letter very interesting and the questions you’ve posed are quite good, but let me answer you according to my knowledge.

Few months back, I once posted a question on facebook asking that, what’s the use of having 5 000 friends, but when you post something, you hardly get “simple 20 comments”, but as I expected, I didn’t get an answer. Truly speaking, it’s a waste of time to have such an amount of friends who are inactive. It’s better to have 5 friends on your profile who are always active, than having thousands who just keep quite.

It came to my attention recently that the genders who seem to be following this trend are women. I strongly believe that they enjoy being told “how good looking they are” and “how sexy are their bodies” and all that crap. You’ll find a lady posting a photo almost every hour, and the next thing, she’s got 50 people who like that photo, and guys are going on about “you hot” blah, blah, blah.

There’s a certain lady that I know from UFS. She recently passed the 4000 mark (in terms of friends on facebook). I asked her why she has so many friends; she told me that she likes to socialize with people from different regions across our country. The sad part is that, even if she posted something, they barely responds to the comments, so I got confused by her statement, (unless there has been a change in the meaning of the word “socialising” and I’m not aware of).

One other thing, people tend to used social networks as a platform to update us on everything that they get up to, you’ll find someone having a status such as “I am in the toilet”, and I mean come on man, WTF?

  • We don’t want know about your bowel movements. People tend to exploit the use of social services by writing their nasty stuff.

You’ve raised a great a point about those who always “like” statuses even if they are purely “hogwash”. They have totally made “the like” thing lose its taste. You’ll even find a person hitting the “like” button even on the status that clearly states that it requires one’s opinion.

  • How can someone who claim to be well and sound mentally, like the status such as “What do you think about today’s politics?
  •  Others will even go as far as liking their own comments (that one always pisses me off).

 One other thing, we have this thing called “the YES MEN”, they always agree with you without raising their points from their perspective (even when you’re wrong), they won’t see it hobane ba latela feela bona akere.

To conclude, IamSlamz my man, it’s not the number of friends that you have that matter s, NO! What matters most is “how many of those friends are always socializing with you”.


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