Social Networks (Clean Redundancy)

Social Networks
Social Networks

I love social networks from (wont mentioned names) so forth. The   advantage the internet has given us is immeasurable to a sense that we are  connected to all sort of people around the globe and we can manage our lives so easily than before and very efficient, like banking, sales, etc.

Lately the social network has been used as a media of communication channels, I am talking from governmental departments, private sectors, stock markets etc. Also as a social support, missing forum (to locate our missing loved ones), any alert of scams and what signs you need to look out for on the road (warning sides – hotspots) and etc. Thumbs up!!!!

Now this is what I dislike (disadvantage) of the use of this channels of communications, when someone uses this as an irritation or splinter on the butt, to bore all users that are spending time to create a healthy environment globally. I call it social demoralize because what these individuals are doing is similar to junk mail/spam. Haven’t you realize that how hard it is to find the good status update out there that moves you because everyone turns to like than comment or put more emphasis to what you have said, or share the same sentiments of what you are writing about in their own experience. Yes, liking sometimes is a sign of showing sentiment: does it have to be always?

 Friends’ request: Yes I do have a profile/account/page on most networks but to be honest I have a handful of friends that some of them I don’t even know…to top it up they don’t even update their status or poke or write on my wall for that matter. Why am I still having you on my profile, is the question that we all need to ask ourselves. I just remember some old guy bragging to his friends that he has more friends on his profile than them…and I thought to myself what in the hell is he on about?

On the other hand instant messaging, everyone when they see you with an cell-phone compatible to have an IM apps – they nag for your PIN…okay take it…now what (silence) no PING, no Hi, and the only update you receive from everyone is their status update: what they listening too, what profile picture they have now and name change. This is sick. I acknowledge the fact that to some people it’s helping them on a daily basis. IM taking over the platform of SMS to them which is cool, a good use.

You probably wondering what am I on about: let me drill these down. • What value does it bring to have friends on your profile who won’t even talk to you…that’s better…who won’t even update their status?

• What value does it add when you confirm an IM request to the person who won’t send a mere good morning to you or how was your weekend type question…small talks?

• What value does it add to keep the faceless profiles, the silent viewers and the always like your status friend?

 No… It’s not my new years’ resolution I don’t do such…I plan and put myself on task. I just need to understand why are we supposed to put up with such nonsense on our profiles.


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