Undoubted Reasons

Gate bell button I pressed to ring,
So short like an instant message ringtones,
She approached with a frown
One question asked what do you want…with a commanding tone
Peace I said, now can I get into the house and settle in
Grab a chair lets converse like relatives
One or two words uttered, truce shattered,
A peaceful mind disappeared, evil emerged
Telephonic chats to and fro with her lawyer
Seems like am no longer welcomed declared a stranger
She perceives me as nobody, a nomad
Well I’m somebody’s father and am not mad
My reasons for this visit was to have a diplomatic meeting,
Clearly am getting pushed like a toddler who lost his mittens
A grown man like me, voices whispered in my ear
Kill her and do it now she in fear
As what we have here is disrespectful and it’s all written in her face
I gamble with my thoughts, drank water
Stopping myself not to carry out my Excalibur

I hate to say it,
Listening to myself repeating one thing over and over
But I like saying this
The job of hacking her was so bloody sweet until it was over
Her ordeal wasn’t all pleasant
It took less a second like squashing an ant
But to her it took longer that
As she had to say a lot which is this and that?
How sorry she is can we come to an understanding?
Too late death this is the last stage reached and nearly finishing
I swung my last strike…
Protecting my own like optimus prime
Nothing is left to be done here? Thinking!!!
Incognito I have to be when escaping
Took nothing but myself and my bag pack
Left the house locked as if the owner is on vacation and hasn’t returned back
Later on chilled at the pub
Beer in taking and weed smoking…one love
Cipher filled with punch lines… a tray of powder lines
No battles…just story telling free style lines
What a day and what a night,
My thoughts were filled with no alibi
At least I said a little prayer before I close her eyes

Undoubted were reasons given
My enemies the load now is even
An evil angel carrying out the devil deeds
Confusion was amongst them now am free

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