Never promised tomorrow

Never promised tomorrow

Never promised tomorrow

I took a step back and moment of retrospect..I smiled a bit and shared a tear drop to embrace where I have been, the people I have met along the way, fists I exchanged with enemies and so on… I looked at me now and tinkling melodies of birds singing in my mind and I danced to the beat, I swear I couldn’t have it better than this.

My friends has accomplished so much in their respective lives and that fills my heart with happiness and encouragement that success is yet to come. Real talk, those who have been part of our lives come and go – death, or new friends obscure their thoughts, don’t get me wrong I don’t even wanna touch the peer pressure factor…but we all have choices for the betterment of our individuals lives or careers.

Well in most cases unfortunately we enter our gray hairs without their shipment which doesn’t sit very well with me… The bond I have/had with my friends doesn’t disappear like that or vanishes through air like that…its memories that can refill lots of streams which went dry nowadays. A circle as we used to call our meetings…through cold ones we would share valuable advices, jokes and fight – normal friends.

A bond which was not suppose to be broken, some habit stay with you some you inherit as we travel life…how do we say goodbye to such memories? Well, does, whoever never been true to themselves manages to do so and wish them well in their quests.

Remember we all different peoples but through the Almighty we met and formed a bond for life. And He only decides who he takes of your CIRCLE and has reasons for that. I cherish every day I woke up, my wife next to me and my little man jumps on me and give me a hug…I cherish everyday I pick a phone and there’s a friend o mine on the other line.

Remember we were never promised tomorrow

Note taken from IamSlamz Sithole Notes.

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