AIDS Group (hoax or not – awareness)

This is about this email that has been going around that after so many days it has been circulating I finally decided to open it and read. (Link)

Open the link and read before reading the rest of the email.

Well displays scenes of the events, days and the sorrow of tones were put together. The dialogues its what catches you for a while. Apparently its extract from exchange messages from facebook account.

I don’t really care if its hoax or not….I know its still circulating and if its true whether, male or female need to do self-introspection and come to terms that sleeping around or even that quickie moment its not worth it. Some of us learned the hard way. Be safe; Awareness its what is spreading.

Let’s say its hoax; are we saying both parties must cheat and still come back to their partners as if nothing happened. Have one of you ever came face to face with a friend or relative etc who has been a victim of the AIDS epidemic (stats). Its not a pretty site to see, not a comfortable gesture to sit and chat with them.

Let’s say its true. You are being warned. The message behind: don’t fall of the wagon for a minute(s) of pleasure. Take the scenes of the link and visual them. You’ll sense, humor at the beginning, the awareness moment and thankful thought as well as the latter sorrow and how the other part is so thankful that it didn’t happened to him. Put yourself in ones shoes.

My man *** you wrote a good piece despite questions of it been a hoax / not. You the only who knows why you wrote it.

Sorry for the BC but peoples reputations are on the line……Forward this BC- Hi this is inspector Thabo Numbosu from midrand police station. This email going around on social networks of a group of girls going around spreading the HI virus is a publicity stunt been pulled by a Mr (Thabiso Mokgosi) who is presently based in Midrand with two Facebook accounts� a (Mercedes K Madube) Facebook account & his very own personal account� this is not the first time he has done such� last year around the same time, a story went out that woman tried raping him� again the story was not true� now I came in contact with this story last week & it has been spreading. We are looking into it & (Thabiso Mokgosi) will be faced with legal actions”

I feel sorry for the names of the individuals that have been published on the email. These individuals have families and it would be safe if they don’t get attacked as they have been emotionally abuse as it is. If its true about their status God will be the one who judges them at the end, we cannot judge.

On the lighter note. This email serves as an awareness of what is happening out there, be always on the alert, never fall of that self righteous wagon, stay true to you and your partner because at the end of the day you’ll be coming to us for hands out and all.

Only the characters on the email knows the real story.


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