Any last words before the count down starts…

Well the time for 2011 to end is just near. To some it is the beginning of new things whereas to some it is just hell coming to us.

Well let me be at you. I know we all speak/spoke of resolutions which some of us don’t even keep…I. Suggest you don’t do them as to me is like you cheating to yourself. Be you, create a task to yourself and schedule when do you want what or change or stop doing something In these way you don’t have to beat yourself up when you didn’t accomplish them by the end of the year – which in these case its 2012.

I have done some retrospection myself these year. Which saw me change a few things and I’m tellin you its not easy…but I did…first my image (ha ha ha), dress code…what’s next well still working on it. Let me get back to the topic.

Well they are pour people out there…well some young adults have done good for the 2011, giving out to the poor…seeing South Africans sending clothes to the Somali/Ethopian victims. I played a part there the first time in my life. Some are reserving and giving back to their community – upbringing makes a better you. Atleast we didn’t hear any major death when Orlando Pirates vs Kaiser Chiefs derby games. Some taxi drivers are attending part time studies – communications. Well you know how they can get at you.

The sad point…South Africans gettin executed in Asian. What’s the cause…what to diplomatic meeting for such cases. Youth league President Mr. J. Malema gettin suspended … The big guns are scared to see what’s gon happen at the elections…is it next year? who cares – I do!!!!!!! Scandals all over SA… Assassinations of ministers, directors etc and what I don’t understand is police officers taking the law to themselves…Mr. Cowboy its your fault. Police having sex with nurses…police officers having sex on their patrol cars…nurses doing it on ICU ward…the list is on.

Kids with cellphones…mixt, whatsapp…stop chattin to strangers. Peer pressure kills.

On the brighter note: 2011 had lots of happenings. Matric students I hope you did us proud this year. Teachers didn’t strike unless I was abducted when in happened.

Let’s drink responsible…. Use condoms…. Be at the safer place indoors. Police are out there – be warned!!!

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2 thoughts on “Any last words before the count down starts…

  1. Yeah..follow on targets not met in 2011 don’t put yourelf under unnecessary pressure….all will fall into place. Success! Success! Success!! Cheers tto 2012.

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