Don’t Qoute Me #4

After the hatred waves of rumors Roars the thunderstorms of betrayals Then the culprits tries to show face and good faith Such are your foes. Smile embrace them Welcome them with open arms as life timeline is too precious to be wasted.

Through The Smoke

Through the smoke He jot down the perfect notes With gas mask on his mouth Utterance delivery are so foul Dismiss apartheid a war task Anger to the hoods makes no sense To make that Rand we slave for cents Rubber bullets to the flesh pains Loose of houses budget constrains Our street obscured by… More Through The Smoke

Tribute (RIP)

I constantly pour liquor to the ground Write a verse and blaze the sound No worries, I still got your play lists and saved some of your favorite songs Never lie I miss you guys – In Peace Y’all Rest You met in physical but now through me you heavenly friends Take care of each… More Tribute (RIP)

An Idling Thought

I am on it Like plumber to your dish washing cabinet Index finger aiming for target A film full of document Coins inside pockets A case without evidence I am the missing docket A jobless war head A confused mind state of a convict release after 15 years A stolen title deed An incorrectly patterned… More An Idling Thought


Down I feel up u try to cheer emotionally i’m sick tablets, prescribed, u care. like rain I weep like desert tears dry on the shoulder physically get so weak words recited on the prayer makes me better tx for been there tx for treating our friendship similarly to marriage tx for stretching the hand… More Appreciation


Sometimes I Sit and reminisce Pinch myself to see if I still exist  Sometimes I Ask myself if this is a dream Woke up and night, watch how owls scream Fight with my demons just to blow off the steam Sometimes I Stare at the stars, wonder what’s with the fuss about mars Take a… More Sometimes

Don’t Qoute Me #2

A lot care about how many downloads they make So tough King kong walk as they give themselves accolades Just a bluff I worry about the music I record and take Make a buzz So whoever has it understand whats on stake Thats Trust – Slamz Da Goon

Who am I to Judge

So married men becomes side guys Money Taps And married women becomes side chicks Side dishes Random text on my finger tips Live movie a chick flicks Copy and paste a command from my mouse clicks Is it what we are?… puppets on strings Night crawlers preying on little kids Clouding them with gifts for… More Who am I to Judge

Don’t Qoute Me #1

When your heart feels dark man Suicidal thoughts chills your spine like cold sweat on your back Then you kneel down and ask Him to show you a way grown man As you should remember we not promised tomorrow so just live man – Slamz Da Goon

EkaF SdneirF

Man, seen it happen Ruined cats talent dragged it down like dirty napkin Am sadden Cause in the beginning we were so closer than distant cousin Love so stronger than newlywed couple Sickening me deep in my stomach That you cowardly snitched a cheap deal, as it reveal Fake contract that won’t even put food… More EkaF SdneirF

Archives of Sanity EP (JourneySoFar)

Kindly Share | Download | Stream Android phone: Use Chrome or Browser Blackberry phone: Use Opera Mini Title: Tribute (RIP) Artist: Slamz Da Goon Prod : Slamz Da Goon Downloadable Link: Title: Madizm Artist: Slamz Da GOON Beat: Slamz Da GOON Prod: Malefactor Downloadable Link: Title: Undoubted Reason Artist: Slamz Da Goon Prod:… More Archives of Sanity EP (JourneySoFar)