Through The Smoke

15 Jun

Through the smoke
He jot down the perfect notes
With gas mask on his mouth
Utterance delivery are so foul
Dismiss apartheid a war task
Anger to the hoods makes no sense
To make that Rand we slave for cents
Rubber bullets to the flesh pains
Loose of houses budget constrains
Our street obscured by anger
Its not black on white but black on black regime
We not safe, personal vendettas are displayed we in danger
Our blindness tempered with the cause
After so much sweat and tears I thought
No dreams but fears and verdict of trials at courts
Energy waisted, the battle lost
Blood spilled, Families mourn
Depart to exile
Warrants follow our paths for life
Years off, return as veterans
Not all of us but few of us
Some are labeled informants
Yet we fought the same struggle
And we still don’t have a home on these lands
Bitter souls are the hardest to handle.


Chronicle I Ep 1 – Confession

27 May

My time is limited
Industry is changing
My well being needs to be conditioned
A sniper for that hit am aiming
Industry inducted
Fresher’s can’t get always gossiping
With honeydew infected
Planes on ORT like bees on me landing
Much Pun intended
Board with on these journey while sharks droll on am skating
To these hip hop am engaged
But these body has a different soul in it living



My ways are too scarce like falling leaves in summer
I spring my ideas for a new me
Responsibilities tackled them like quarterbacks
Am no rookie to these rather draft me
A chance I don’t need
An understatement
Allow me like no other to repent
A man of the cloth
A man full of thoughts
Steel toe carries me like big foot
A burden I carry like hunchback
The last of the knights
The last to taste that bite
Such are crumbles
Serves ants that hunts in numbers

Sometimes(Rock Bottom)

24 May

When I hit rock bottom
Get a scare of my life
But I have learned
No suicidal thoughts need be implemented
Right there at bottom
It’s so quiet and the atmosphere clear
Until another soul interrupts that energy
Pull up from down there
Life is not for human

When I hit rock bottom
My blood boils
I feel it eclipsing my eye balls
I meditate with my music to build that wall
A composition so rare similar to size on street stalls
I too I am a human
I am on it with a long haul

When I hit rock bottom
I sometimes think that
If only sometimes I didn’t do something different which
I sometimes don’t I sometimes could sometimes revert back
And acknowledge that
Sometimes actions happen without control

When I hit rock bottom
My mind races like speed of light
With adrenaline pushes the daylight so quick to welcome dusk
Have you thought of the way our daily routine are recycled?
We merely have no control over it
Funny we are individuals leaving this life.

I write without thinking which
Sometimes gets me into trouble but sometimes my mind sometimes lives for a some moment
Which sometimes makes me sometimes think we not owing our ideas yet sometimes I’m like sometimes fill like we on strings
Mind you sometimes I feel like we are all puppet

Tribute (RIP)

27 Mar

I constantly pour liquor to the ground
Write a verse and blaze the sound
No worries,
I still got your play lists and saved some of your favorite songs
Never lie
I miss you guys – In Peace Y’all Rest
You met in physical but now through me you heavenly friends
Take care of each other until our judgment day
Please path a route for your families and mine
Put a good word for us as we still in life
I cannot explain your absence
It feels like trapped by uncontrollable substance
They say you never knew what you had until its gone
But I know we had knowledge, plans for us but now I only mourn
Now you gone and I am here, I’m left alone
Its me against the world with the same artistic dome
I got nuttin left except my rhymes, thoughts, family and memories to keep
And these cold industry is not returning love as it should be
Truth be told, these one would be a souvenir to my sons, the great honorary
Brothers from different mothers
I mentioned to them that they lost guardian angels
There ones I broke bread with no matter the angles
Our thoughts to each other were deep
With enemies we rode,
Through winter we shared the same cold
I wish we could grow old
And together shave our heads to stay bald.
I miss you my friends.

Through thick and thin

25 Mar

Its funny how these phrase is perceived better yet translated, well I believe those who repeat it after the priest some of them understand it and it stick on them like a tattoo as a remembrance whereas some just want to get over with the ceremony and go down their bondage as if its a burden that they will carry for years. Unfortunately you are the carrier of your own deeds and master of your sorrow. The choice you made its considered not as an option but as a commitment so deviate from crying over spilled beer (you shared your sip with your ancestors) and get along on these queue and be patient.

I respect those who live proof of the choices they made. I remember my bachelor days – their memories are still leaving at the tip of my tongue – Priceless moments; that game had to end. My 90 minutes on the all win strike, hat tricks, red cards, injuries and scouting had to end. Hang the boots, bow out while you can.

The past builds the present and the Present is a gift that was honored by God in the past, Cherish it. Its a history that we learn from it…hence every error has its origin, the core. It all depends on the individual, let’s your past built you and leave it behind or carry that with you so it assist in mending few obstacles or rather have a clean sheet start over, a new born, with an empty knowledge of what the world has for us, with the wet brain full of eagerness to learn, win, get hurt, loose some.. In a nutshell redo your second history, second damage to your inner being, conflict that will give you that burning sensation like you getting pinched over and over by a splinter.

Honestly I rather restructure my past, mold my present for a clear understanding on how to be me. A hint: if you can’t control the relationship between Past and Present, real talk you are lost. These boils to your relationship with anyone, the job spec you describe to do, the responsibilities you have as a woman and a man, the mandate the You must live with, the rules we live by, The verses that The Almighty jotted down to assist us for heavenly living.

Then I say it again Through Thick and Thin. These phrase carries a huge responsibility. And if you agree not to disagree, from the day you said it until now, introspect and retrospect, see if you have committed yourself on its deliverables but how many of us have been meeting theirs. Don’t get my words twisted…this is general topic.

So many scenarios and experiences can be recalled here. How many of us still consider their best friends best?; how many of us still have a brother’s keeper? How many of the married couples strive for a better life amongst them? How many of us are still having set goals and dreams for their future. I would like to put it in ratios but am have difficulties of getting the numeric correct.

Hmm… A quick one: how many of us that their Past characterize them to the Present, for instance, at a young age you were a bully; now you 30/40 odds years are you still one? Did the bullying helped you pave your path until now? I know of one unfortunately his bullying activities helped him to be were he is as he encountered bullying in a different strike : he got bullied back, a wake up call to show him that bullying is a fearsome activity that can scare an individual for unlimited years. (Giggles) its not nice to taste your own medicine. That lesson I learned through him.

I must give it up to him, he is a professional teacher/motivational speaker, a family man blessed with 3 kids and a beautiful wife – Through thick and thin he keeps it real in all aspects. Big Up!!!

Through thick and thin, any challenge that comes your way must meet an equal opponent to tackle it. If you weak, truth be noted, you going to fall on that wagon and if it was strolling down the hill unfortunately catching it won’t be easy.

To be continued…

An Idling Thought

22 Oct

I am on it
Like plumber to your dish washing cabinet
Index finger aiming for target
A film full of document
Coins inside pockets
A case without evidence
I am the missing docket
A jobless war head
A confused mind state of a convict release after 15 years
A stolen title deed
An incorrectly patterned beat
A plan went wrong, now the smokes show the heat
Prior to these years I am ecstasy
My upbringing created these maniac not society
Many passes by, so much liability
What is real? Real is Reality
War equals Change
Peace show continuation
With the above said I turn to differ
I bring myself to an argument of contradictions
I stare at the wall and passionately smile when I capture my reflection from it
Unlike the image in mirror that troubles your thought from the past
Which you don’t want to be part of it
But my wall quantum leaps me
Gives me hopes that out there’s something for me
I am that powder colour to the mist
I am the second lip to complete a kiss
I try to be the present to today,
A smiling grief to a dead man’s family
But I am just a black hole waiting to be embrace by one’s soul


19 Nov

Down I feel
up u try to cheer
emotionally i’m sick
tablets, prescribed, u care.

like rain I weep
like desert tears dry on the shoulder
physically get so weak
words recited on the prayer makes me better

tx for been there
tx for treating our friendship similarly to marriage
tx for stretching the hand to be reached
tx for holding me down andbuilding my courage

few words turned to few tears
real friends are the ones who cares
life as an obstacle taught me to tackle
a smile in my face shines through laughs of different tickles, thanks.


29 Aug

Sometimes I
Sit and reminisce
Pinch myself to see if I still exist 

Sometimes I
Ask myself if this is a dream
Woke up and night, watch how owls scream
Fight with my demons just to blow off the steam

Sometimes I
Stare at the stars, wonder what’s with the fuss about mars
Take a long walks to clear my mind and try to get on a brawl

Sometimes I
Question our ways of living
In years to come how will our seeds define our upbringing
In wrongs we sinning; in goods we will be forgiven

Sometimes I
I write what comes to mind
Not what my mind think I must write

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Social Networks (Clean Redundancy)

22 Jan
Social Networks

Social Networks

I love social networks from (wont mentioned names) so forth. The   advantage the internet has given us is immeasurable to a sense that we are  connected to all sort of people around the globe and we can manage our lives so easily than before and very efficient, like banking, sales, etc.

Lately the social network has been used as a media of communication channels, I am talking from governmental departments, private sectors, stock markets etc. Also as a social support, missing forum (to locate our missing loved ones), any alert of scams and what signs you need to look out for on the road (warning sides – hotspots) and etc. Thumbs up!!!!

Now this is what I dislike (disadvantage) of the use of this channels of communications, when someone uses this as an irritation or splinter on the butt, to bore all users that are spending time to create a healthy environment globally. I call it social demoralize because what these individuals are doing is similar to junk mail/spam. Haven’t you realize that how hard it is to find the good status update out there that moves you because everyone turns to like than comment or put more emphasis to what you have said, or share the same sentiments of what you are writing about in their own experience. Yes, liking sometimes is a sign of showing sentiment: does it have to be always?

 Friends’ request: Yes I do have a profile/account/page on most networks but to be honest I have a handful of friends that some of them I don’t even know…to top it up they don’t even update their status or poke or write on my wall for that matter. Why am I still having you on my profile, is the question that we all need to ask ourselves. I just remember some old guy bragging to his friends that he has more friends on his profile than them…and I thought to myself what in the hell is he on about?

On the other hand instant messaging, everyone when they see you with an cell-phone compatible to have an IM apps – they nag for your PIN…okay take it…now what (silence) no PING, no Hi, and the only update you receive from everyone is their status update: what they listening too, what profile picture they have now and name change. This is sick. I acknowledge the fact that to some people it’s helping them on a daily basis. IM taking over the platform of SMS to them which is cool, a good use.

You probably wondering what am I on about: let me drill these down. • What value does it bring to have friends on your profile who won’t even talk to you…that’s better…who won’t even update their status?

• What value does it add when you confirm an IM request to the person who won’t send a mere good morning to you or how was your weekend type question…small talks?

• What value does it add to keep the faceless profiles, the silent viewers and the always like your status friend?

 No… It’s not my new years’ resolution I don’t do such…I plan and put myself on task. I just need to understand why are we supposed to put up with such nonsense on our profiles.

Tribute (RIP)

27 Mar

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I constantly pour liquor to the ground
Write a verse and blaze the sound
No worries,
I still got your play lists and saved some of your favorite songs
Never lie
I miss you guys – In Peace Y’all Rest
You met in physical but now through me you heavenly friends
Take care of each other until our judgment day
Please path a route for your families and mine
Put a good word for us as we still in life
I cannot explain your absence
It feels like trapped by uncontrollable substance
They say you never knew what you had until its gone
But I know we had knowledge, plans for us but now I only mourn
Now you gone and I am here, I’m left alone
Its me against the world with the same artistic dome
I got nuttin left except my rhymes, thoughts, family and memories to keep

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The Path we walk defies how we talk

21 Nov








I took baby steps like a toddler
So mare I don’t look sideways, I never bother
A daily routine, walk on the straight road line like traffic officer are checking if am sober
My memory captures all my adventures,
Camera, flash, capture, and add to your venture
So like hitchhikers,
I super cross through the years like crazy xgames bikers
Upbringing phase was like contour lines
Economic graph fluctuations displaying the hard ship of life
Who am I to judge?
I am forever wrong,
To many illiterate arguments I close my ears and don’t debate
I just believe in staying strong
So long, is what we tell those who passed on
Till we meet again, we promise ourselves as if they’ll reborn,
So torn, my past is clear that I can quantum leap unto
My path is full of historical moments call me Bantu
With my shyness shackled in my eyes I roll the dices,
And I try to understand the meaning of their outcomes
I give pound and stamp it, fist in the air like black movements,
I give high five to my seeds on their performance and embrace their accolades,
Like a slave I survive the jungle and bring the message to king and queens
What we are approaching its war with in
Of which will tackle our future like quarterbacks, mark my words and believe


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